Drain relining is a practical, no-mess alternative to traditional drain repairs.

Our non-intrusive methods will ensure your drains are back in working order very quickly.

A resin impregnated felt tube is inverted or dragged into the damaged host pipe. A calibration tube is then usually used to inflate and compress the wet out liner to the host pipe to form a pipe within a pipe. The resin is cured by a chemical process, and heat. Once cured in place, the calibration tube is removed; and the drain is then formed and watertight.

We provide an extensive in-depth quotation before undertaking any sewer or drain repair works. The most modern and up-to-date sewer renovation methods are used to ensure all works are carried out to Water Authority Standards.

Typically used in areas where traditional excavation is difficult or with awkward access, localised patch repairs are a fast, cost efficient method of rehabilitating blistered pitch fibre or crushed pipework in diameters of 100 to 450 and to a length of usually 1 metre. Remedial work can include re-forming the pipe if necessary and then installing the patch liner.