Maintenance Contracts

Drain Doctor Plumbing offers a varied range of commercial services and planned maintenance for schools, restaurants, pubs, hotels, office blocks, government buildings, shopping centres, factories and other properties with a high level of employees or visitors.

Normal maintenance includes:

  • Descaling and removal of uric acid from primary pipework in urinals through to stack pipe
  • Replacing damaged or leaking primary pipework
  • High pressure cleaning of all foul lines including stacks
  • Clearing debris from open drains, catch pits and gullies in play or parking areas
  • Cleaning and checking fat traps running from canteen and restaurant facilities
  • Fitting enzyme based chemical dispensers where fat in the drains is causing blockages
  • Most of this work is carried out at weekends, evenings, (early mornings) or during shutdown periods for minimum disruption

Grease Management

Offering site assessment, installation and maintenance facilities, Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage provides architect and specifier support on a range of products which are fully compliant to UK Building Regulations and WRAS approved.

Management of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

Estimates reveal that FOG reaching the nations drains causes up to 75% of sewer blockages and related floods. The management of this waste stream is being taken increasingly seriously by the authorities, including Environmental Health Officers, The Environment Agency and the Water Companies.

There are a number of simple guidelines that can be followed to ensure that best kitchen practice is followed. The key rule, which is obvious enough, is not to pour fat down the drain!

The basic rules are:

  • All debris on plates should be scraped into a bin before washing.
  • All waste cooking oil should be collected in designated drums, and this should be collected regularly.
  • Food macerating/disposal units should be disconnected from the drain network.
  • All sinks should be fitted with effective non-removable food strainers to prevent food waste from entering the drain.
  • All grease management systems should be effectively maintained, if necessary by an outside service provider.

Water UK has published this guide to advise catering establishments on best practice for disposal of food waste and the need to keep fat, oil and grease out of drains and sewers. The guide also outlines your legal requirements.

Contact us for the Disposal of Fats, Oils, Grease and Food Waste Guide.

Grease Management Systems

However diligent your kitchen practices may be there will be an unavoidable amount of FOG that will reach the drains. In these circumstances there a range of grease management systems available that can help reduce the likelihood of any ongoing drainage problems.

  • Biological Grease Management: these systems rely on dosing a regulated quantity of either bacteria or enzymes into the affected drain. The bacteria then colonise the drain line and break down the fat in the drains as part of their normal metabolism.
  • Grease Traps: these are specially designed units which will act to collect the fat in the waste water. However, the unit must be correctly sized and not positioned too closely to the sink or the fat can flow straight through the system. They often come with a food strainer that must be emptied on a daily basis.
  • Physical Grease Removal: These are mechanical units that operate to physically remove fat from a waste stream either with a boom or rotating wheel. If correctly placed and sized these can be very effective but they do require daily attendance by the kitchen staff to ensure they are operating correctly.

All these systems require regular servicing and maintenance checks to ensure their effectiveness.

Drain Investigations

Drain Doctor Plumbing specialises in all types of drainage problems including drain repairs, blocked drain cleaning via drain jetting and manual rodding, drain excavation and drain descaling.

Existing Clients Include:

  • Housing Associations
  • NHS Sites
  • Domestic and Commercial Letting Agents
  • Nursing / Care Homes
  • Property Management / Maintenance Companies
  • Local Authorities
  • National High Street Restaurants
  • 24 hour Parcel Delievry Companies
  • Public House Chains
  • Insurance Companies
  • Building Contractors
  • Facilities Management Companies
  • Factories
  • Major Retailers
  • Schools and Colleges

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