Schools, Colleges and Universities

It’s bad enough having an issue with a blocked drain or blocked toilet in your own property. It’s even worse when it occurs in a school, college or university when there are numerous people around.

Fortunately Drain Doctor Plumbing are able to respond to your emergency whenever and wherever it may be. Our highly skilled plumbing and drainage team will have you back up and running in no time.

Blocked toilets at school

For whatever reason, some children think it’s hilarious to block toilets with paper towels. But it’s not just paper towels that can cause the porcelain to overflow. Pranksters and unruly children will use whatever they can in order to cause major disruption. And that is exactly what a blocked toilet will cause. Not only will it be an inconvenience to everyone if a toilet is out of order, if the water and waste is backing up, and causing flooding, the damage could run into thousands. Our experts are waiting for your call to clear your blocked loo.

Blocked drains at school

A blocked drain at school needs to be fixed quickly. Not only is it an inconvenience, it can pose serious health and safety implications. Again, those pesky paper towels can wreak havoc by blocking school drains. They are not designed to go down the toilet and they will eventually cause a blockage somewhere along the line. Simple plumbing issues can also be the cause of blocked drains. Thankfully our plumbing experts have seen it all before and will assess and fix a blocked toilet smoothly and efficiently.

School kitchen waste and drainage

Almost all educational sites have their own kitchen facilities these days, which is great for the students, but can result in a number of issues with the plumbing. We are Britain’s premier grease trap experts and do not charge a call out fee. But better than that, all of our work is price fixed so you will know the cost up front. We can also help fix drainage issues caused by a build-up of fat and food waste.

Broken and collapsed drains

Older schools are prone to issues with broken and collapsed drains. This could be as a result of tree roots in pipes. Whatever the cause of the problem though, Drain Doctors will inspect the condition of the drainage system with our CCTV drain survey. We will then be able to assess the damage and discuss how we can rectify it.

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