Bus stations and delivery depots and distribution centres are vast buildings that provide a vital service, but they also demand a first class drainage system.

A large amount of liquid waste is produced when buses and delivery vehicles are washed overnight. In addition, locations where 100’s of staff are using the bathroom facilities are prone to blockages. Fuel that has been spilled when refuelling also has to be dispersed effectively for health and safety reasons. So the drains in and around these transport depots have to be clear in order to wash away all of the soapy and foul waste water.

Unfortunately, blockages do occur. But Drain Doctor Plumbing are ready to answer your call all day, every day, with no call out charges or extra costs levied at weekends or public holidays.

Bus depots

Buses are an important mode of transport to millions of people around the UK. They are vital to those who can’t afford to run a car or have limited mobility in order to get from A to B. Therefore it’s essential that any drainage problem doesn’t disrupt their services and cause misery for their customers. Our efficient team of drainage experts will address the situation swiftly and work with the bus company to minimise disruption.

Delivery depots

The same can be said for delivery firms. With home shopping now a multi-billion pound industry in the UK, nobody wants to be left waiting for a parcel that has been delayed due to a plumbing issue. We will work around your schedule to ensure your couriers can get on with their job with as minimal problems as possible.

But you don’t always have to wait until a drainage fault occurs. Drain Doctors offer a range of planned preventative maintenance packages. You can rely on us to make sure that your drained are up for the task.

Whether it is a blocked drain or a drain that needs repaired, Drain Doctors team of highly skilled and experienced professionals will get to the root cause of the problem and get you back up and running.

Distribution centres

Distribution centres are huge buildings that are used to store lots of vital produce and products. Hundreds of staff work in these centres and the supply chain depends on these centres being fully operational. Don't let a drainage problem stop your staff from getting the job done. 

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