Blocked gutters can cause a range of damp-related problems to a property. Drain Doctor West Midlands & Staffordshire can help keep your gutters clean with Guttervac.

See inside your gutters from the safety of the ground with Guttervac.

Drain Doctor’s Guttervac allows you the peace of mind of being able to see inside your gutters from the safety of the ground and then clean them out. 

The Guttervac can clear all gutters to a height of 12 metres which means that most 3/4 storey buildings can have shining gutters without needing a ladder, scaffolding or powered lift.

For domestic customers we can show you the cleaned gutter from our CCTV camera built onto the boom, highlighting any maintenance issues and giving you peace of mind that your gutters are working properly to protect your property.

In commercial situations, we would be happy to set up half yearly planned preventative maintenance visits.