Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage are specialists in providing all types of CCTV surveys including a Home Buyer Drain Survey.

We know every minute counts when buying or selling a home, we can provide you, your mortgage provider or structural surveyor with a home buyer drainage report at short notice. We aim to provide you with a Home buyer CCTV Drain Survey or a CCTV Drain Survey report within 48 hours by email. Although if requested a verbal report of any problems detected this can be given at the time of inspection.

Home Drainage Inspection reassures you that you shouldn’t be surprised by any major repairs or emergency blockages. Our CCTV surveys provide you with a Survey Report, conclusions, recommendations and a quotation for any remedial work found necessary.

On numerous occasions, we have identified costly drainage issues. Our report and estimates have assisted in the home buyer negotiating for these repairs to either be carried out prior to completion or taken into consideration with the agreed purchase price.

Areas to be looked at include:

– Visual condition of gullies, chamber frame and cover.
– Chamber walls, and within the chamber.
– The lateral slippers and channel on the invert.

The CCTV recording of the drain run through to either the interceptor or to the main sewer if possible.

Call our 24-Hour Free Phone number on: 0800 015 1452 for further help or to arrange a site visit or free quote.