Blocked drains can happen at any time, and when your drains stop working, you need the problem solved quickly and efficiently. We are able to offer a local fast, friendly and effective service to clear any blocked drain 24 hours a day. You can call us out for any type of blocked pipe or drain. For unblocking the really severe blockages we currently use our high-pressure water jetting system. This is an extremely efficient system to remove the most challenging of blocked drains.

For areas of restricted or difficult access, we also have electrical cable (electromechanical) machines where it is not practical to access with a van mounted jetter (office blocks, flats, multi-storey buildings, night clubs, above ground blockages etc.)

Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage provide specialist blocked drain services to households and commercial, industrial and public sector organisations throughout the West Midlands, including WalsallWolverhampton and Lichfield. Our engineers are fully-trained professionals who will deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. They will then be able to advise you on how you can stop something like this happening again.

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets can be as messy as any of the other drainage problems you might experience and there are a variety of reasons for having blocked toilets. Toilets are not designed to cope with large quantities of mass such as nappies, tampon or lots of toilet paper. The system can easily become clogged due to any of these reasons or there might be other problems such as broken pipes. A slight break in a pipe/drain is enough to cause waste to build up and can often repeat itself if the problem is not rectified.

Our engineer may recommend a CCTV survey to visibly see the problem and provide viable ways of preventing any further blockages. Regularly cleaning, plunging and flushing your toilet will prevent the slow build up of scale and small bits of waste turning into larger problems.

Blocked Sinks

A blocked sink is an all too common occurrence that happens to nearly everyone, it is an unwanted and unnecessary hindrance that really could be prevented with some regular maintenance. Ensuring hair and food doesn’t get into the sink in the first place is one of the best preventions.

Another way to stop a blocked sink in its tracks is to ensure that you use a drain cleaner regularly as it helps to dissolve build-ups of grease and fat which can accumulate in the drain beneath your sink.

Blocked Baths

Blocked baths can happen at any time. Often hair can build up in the u-bend and completely clog up the pipework. Sometimes this can reach the pipe work between the trap and where the waste enters the drain, causing a difficult to reach blockage. Drain Doctor Plumbers can clear your Blocked Bath fast.

Blocked Showers

Don’t let a shower blockage become a crisis. If your shower tray or shower cabinet won’t drain away quickly, you’ll want act quickly before your shower blockage escalates into a flood. Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage are one of the UK’s largest drain clearing specialists, so we can deal with your blocked shower quickly and easily. Our experienced professional drainage engineers are equipped with the right tools for the job, including high pressure jetting equipment for the most persistent blockages, and electro mechanical cleaning for small pipes and parts.

Blocked Saniflo

The Saniflo system is ideal for installing a toilet/bathroom where there isn’t any access to a gravity drain. The Saniflo unit is a pumped macerator unit that can pump kitchen or toilet/bathroom waste to the gravity drain in small bore pipework.

Saniflo systems are prone to blockages if not used correctly, or if excess toilet paper/sanitary towels are flushed down the toilet that is served by the Saniflo. Sanitary towels can jam the pump in the Saniflo causing blockages and flooding.

Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage has had years of experience with dealing with blockages in Saniflo systems. Saniflo small bore pipe-work can be cleared with the use of a jet plumb air pac system or by small cable fed from a hand gun (electromechanical). Blockages on the small bore pipework are often caused by tight bends on the outlet pipe-work, we would recommend installing easy bends where possible. This also aids blockage clearing.

Blocked Urinals

Often flushing urinals will block due to excessive lime scale build up in the urinal pipe. This occurs as limescale is insoluble in water and forms on the pipe surface. When the urinal is descaled the pipe is cleaned to the base of the trap, however, there is often more build up past the trap which cannot be cleaned. As the microbes in the cubes start to remove the scale some of this partially degraded scale falls off the pipe wall and as it is soft can block the drain.

We conduct both preventative and reactive visits to cleanse and descale urinals and their associated waste pipe work.

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